Limited originality of content issue-Facebook 2021 latest trick

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Hello friends, welcome to my network. I am Prabhat Kumar, I am going to tell you in this video today how to end the violation of Limited Originality of content on Facebook.

Nowadays, which is a pain for almost all the pages, in 2021. I will tell you a new trick, which will relieve you of this problem.

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First, what Facebook says, I will tell you about this violation and then I will tell you my personal trick. In the Facebook help center where it is mentioned, and its difficult to get monetization by doing just that. But what I am going to tell in the trick is that the chance of you getting monetization is very high.

What is the limited originality of content?

Facebook said all content posted to Facebook should offer unique value to its audiences. Therefore, content with limited originality will face reduced distribution on our platform. The Page that posted it may have its access to monetization tools limited or removed. This type of content is against Facebook Page Terms as well as Content Monetization Policies.

There are three major behaviors that can lead to Limited originality of content flags for your Page:

Limited editorialization: A Page posts collections or single videos from other Pages without any meaningful enhancements (voiceover, commentary, graphics, or creative editing).

Aggregating: A Page compiles and posts videos from multiple Pages or third-party content creators.

Duplicative content: A Page posts content that already exists on Facebook or was posted somewhere else first that the Page had no meaningful role in creating.

Limited originality of content Solution as per Facebook:

Post content that your Page created: The best thing you can do for your Page is to regularly post content that you produced yourself or with dedicated partners.

Make meaningful enhancements: You can use content from other sources in your posts as long as you increase its value through creative editing, voiceover or commentary. These enhancements must be meaningful – simply stitching together clips or adding a watermark does not qualify as a meaningful enhancement.

Review and evaluate your content: Check to make sure you are not posting content that your Page had little or no role in creating.

File an appeal: If you believe that your page has been flagged incorrectly, you can file an appeal with our team.

Delete the content: Remove content that falls within any of the prohibited behaviors listed above.

My latest trick and 100% solution:

If the monetization has been removed on your page due to Limited originality of content violation. Then first you delete all the content of previews 15 days. After that, post the original contents regularly for a few days. The article, video, and image must all be original.

The most important thing is that the article link of your site is to be done on your page first. If you have more pages, then share all contents through your primary page.

While you sharing content must do include original post. If you wait for a few days then Facebook monetization will be restored automatically. If not, then after a 1-month file an appeal, you will get monetization again. Thank you.

See video: How to solve Limited originality of content issue:

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  2. Mark Ryan Holanda says


    Thank you for your post. I have the same issue on my facebook page. Im uploading video on my youtube channel and after a week i upload the same video to my facebook page.. is that prohibited? All of my videos are original

    Hope you can give me some clarity and what should i do?

    1. prabhat.268 says

      Hello, if your video is original then you can upload same time on both FB and Youtube. Remember, never share your videos on your admin or other fake profiles to public/private groups on FB.

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