About Prabhat Kumar Nayak- Prabhat’s Network

My name is Prabhat Kumar Nayak, and I’m an Engineer. I have started this website “prabhatnetwork.com” for those people who want to know about various types of Technology and Network related news & information.

The goal of Prabhat’s Network:

Our aims to disseminate quality news about the various Technology, Social media-related information to the readers in India and abroad.

My website www.prabhatnetwork.com will cater to the needs of readers in an unbiased manner.

Hey guys, like the Facebook page and subscribe to the Youtube channel. Because in the future I am going to make many videos related to Facebook monetization. If you are a blogger or working with Facebook, Google, then my videos will be beneficial for you.

My experience:

Prabhat Kumar Nayak, Head, and CEO of Prabhat’s Network having 10 years of experience in managing web portals in various languages.

I am a committed and competent Electrical Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in the technical department.

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